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Shadow is ❤

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There will always be that person who will always make you ask “What if?”. What if I hadn’t decided to transfer to another school? What if I didn’t greet him in the corridors? What if I answered his question differently? 

But, I guess, that’s all it’s ever going to be. A “what-if”. 

Bottomline is, no matter how long we haven’t seen and talked to each other, it brings comfort knowing that you still call me “tita” and I still call you “manong” and you’ll always be that guy who found my phone lying around the UP Cebu grounds. 

Happy birthday manong! I’ll forever be thankful that I’ve met someone as loquacious as you! :D

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Siya na jud gaingon na pildi na nako siya sa paghimo ug flower! 👍👌 SO PROUD.

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Speech lab! :)

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Tambal sa mga sip-onon. 😢

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😍 love love love :)

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First time and maybe my last time to watch the Night of Songs event sa MSU-IIT PALAKASAN. Kinda disappointed na dili :) Congrats SCS Chorale tho.

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Salamat sa biyaya :)

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